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As an indecisive person, my wedding planning consisted of searching Pinterest wedding boards late into the evening, losing sleep, getting cranky, and not really making any real headway. Even after we decided on an outdoor, backyard style format in the Charlotte area, we had little direction or focus. I was overwhelmed and driving my husband-to-be mad. 
From the moment we had our first conversation with Abby, we knew we were in great hands. Simply put, Abby Henderson is great at what she does, and she will help guide you through what can be an extremely stressful process with grace. While we knew that Abby had many other weddings that she was planning, you would never know it. She was always accessible when we needed something and made us feel like we were her only clients. Abby is also extremely thorough and detail oriented, and she has great recommendations and connections with vendors in the area. While Abby was wonderful to work in the months and days leading up to the wedding, she really came through for us in a big way on our wedding day. Abby helped us plan for and take care of every last detail so that we could enjoy our day with family and friends. 
In the end, we could not be more thrilled with how things turned out. Abby listened to what we had to say and helped us to translate our vision for our wedding day in what turned out to be a true reflection of our personalities and love for each other. In addition to being amazing at her job, it doesn't hurt that Abby is also a lovely person. We are thrilled with our experience working with Abby, and we know that you will be, too.
–Elizabeth, June 2017
Stop looking at other planners, Abby is your gal! Seriously, we could not have done this without her -- best money we spent for the entire wedding. Abby was so organized and on top of things, so positive and cheerful, so good at handling the difficult characters in our family. Abby made it happen! If you're wondering if you really need a coordinator, the answer is yes and Abby is the person -- I manage projects for a living and I would have lost my mind or murdered someone without Abby. THE BEST.
-Grace, October 2017
Y’all, if you are even considering hiring a wedding coordinator, HIRE ABBY! And if you aren’t, you should – trust me. I went into the wedding planning process thinking I could do it all…oh how wrong I was. My mom and I have both agreed that the best decision I made during planning was hiring 13 Cedar to be my month-of coordinator. I use the term “month-of” loosely because Abby was beyond helpful from the day I hired her (7 months before the wedding). She answered questions, gave advice, contacted all my vendors, and kept me on track. I have a pretty demanding job so having Abby was vital for keeping my sanity during the months leading up to the wedding. And don’t even get me started on my wedding weekend – it was perfect! Abby had timelines printed for everyone and basically coordinated the hell out of that weekend. My husband and I had ZERO stress on our wedding day and everyone came up to us afterwards raving about how amazing Abby was. I seriously can’t put into words how great Abby is, as a person and a wedding planner. Thank you, Abby!!
-Liz, April 2017
I'm so happy with my decision to include Abby as our wedding planner! We hired her during the beginning of our 16 month engagement. We soon realized we wouldn't be able to pull it off without her! She is organized, precise, and my biggest cheerleader when it came to planning. There wasn't a time during the process where she wasn't cheerful and positive. I truly felt like her only bride throughout the entire process! Despite my best intentions, I can be disorganized but she totally took that in stride. When it came down to the big day, I was totally relaxed and didn't have any reason to doubt that Abby had it all under control. Not only did I have a great time, but my parents never felt stressed either which was huge for me. She totally believed in my somewhat different vision and helped me bring it to life. I have encouraged my engaged friends to consider Abby for their weddings, and highly recommend her and 13Cedar events. Thank you SO MUCH Abby!!!
-Anna Kate, October 2017
Abby is an amazing person AND wedding planner. I've had the pleasure of photographing several events that she has planned and they were executed flawlessly. In my opinion as a wedding photographer, the planner can make or break the day for both the bride & groom AND the vendors...and Abby continues to amaze me with her constant professionalism and attention to every.single.detail. I can't wait to work with her again!
-Amy, Sunshower Photography, August 2017
When I began the wedding planning process I was new to the Charlotte area and was having a difficult time getting started with my wedding plans. I am so glad I met Abby! She has a way of creating calm amongst chaos and really made the wedding planning process easy. I couldn't imagine doing it without her! My husband also gives her 5/5 stars! THANK YOU ABBY!!
-Kristi, September 2017
Where to start....
I cannot imagine my wedding without having Abby alongside of us. Seriously. Initially when had not intended on hiring a wedding planner, but thankfully our venue required it and suggested Abby Henderson. We chose to to hire Abby for a month prior to the wedding, but we were pleasantly surprised to hear from her much sooner than that. Our first meeting was at a sweet little coffee shop and aside from her insanely professional, organized, neat and attentive appearance she was incredibly personable. We instantly felt comfortable and confident to move forward with her. I feel like Abby offered us so much more and my husband and I both agreed she was the most valuable piece of our wedding. One would easily say, this is what she was born to do. Not only does she handle everything with great smoothness, she handles business and makes sure you are not worrying about a damn thing. I am honored to have met this amazing woman and could not imagine anyone else with us during the best day of our lives! Pretty sure I would vote her to even deliver my child when it comes times, LOL! This is how much I trust and adore this woman! 13 Cedar Events, I owe you!
-Courtney, September 2016
I can't say enough about Abby. Energetic, takes care of business, makes the process fun (even if it is slightly stressful), gets it done and with a magic all her own. I honestly look for ways to hire Abby. Worth every penny (and more!). Thanks for everything, Abby!
-Kim, March 2017
Abby was a complete professional, and one with a great personality and wonderful sense of humor. We used her as a "month of" coordinator and were totally delighted with how she accommodated all our contracts/choices but took over all further responsibilities to coordinate. We truly enjoyed the day & evening and much of that was due to Abby's attention to all the last minute details. I highly recommend her services!     
-Diane, June 2016
My daughter wasn't sure that she needed a planner, and to be quite honest, she really didn't want to spend the money. She was organized and knew what she wanted. With some prodding from mom, she interviewed two planners, and instantly felt a connection with Abby. What a godsend she was! Abby took care of everything the day of the wedding (not to mention all the work she did leading up to the big day). She took care of things before we even knew we had an issue. She was there when we needed something, but she also "disappeared" when it was appropriate. I have two more daughters who will be getting married someday, and Abby will for sure be hired to help. I would recommend her to anyone!    
-Rachael, June 2016
I worked with Abby for three years. Abby is very good in communication which is key to success in event planning. There was never a situation where the guests expectations and request were not communicated to everyone involved in making an event happen. As a chef you depend on communication to deliver what the guest needs. I will recommend Abby as the best I have worked with in my career.     
-Executive Chef James Riles
We felt so comfortable with our decision to work with Abby from the beginning, and could not have imagined our wedding day going as well as it did without her. Even our parents could not stop talking about what an amazing job she did! If Palak and I could start all over with the wedding process we would have picked Abby all over again! She is truly one of a kind and a blessing to have by our side on our special day! Thank you times a million!
-Lori, September 2016
I was given Abby's name from a few different vendors and when we talked I knew she was the right fit for my personality and for what we were hoping our wedding would be like. Abby went above and beyond for us she always responded to my numerous emails with the kindest and most professional responses. She helped us with everything leading up to the wedding and took a lot of the stress off my plate which I was so grateful for!
In the beginning I had to convince my parents that we really needed a wedding planner to help us and by the end they were true believers. My husband and I along with my parents were so grateful we were actually able to enjoy and celebrate our wedding and that is a lot thanks to Abby. She was behind the scenes making sure everything went off without a hitch. My whole bridal party raved about how wonderful and sweet she was!
If you are looking for someone who always has a positive attitude, helps whenever you ask her, and will give her advice and help in making decisions Abby is your girl. I really can't say enough wonderful things about the wonderful job she did for our wedding!
-Sallie, November 2017
It goes without saying, planning a wedding, no matter the size, can be a steep challenge. One of the first pieces of advice we were given when we starting the 'Wedding Planning Journey' was to hire a planner to assist. Being a fairly organized fanatic myself, I trusted that we could get through the planning process most of the way but agreed that it would be helpful to have an assist during the final months of preparation. There was not a moment I turned back on my decision to hire Abby! From our first meeting, to our last goodbye, Abby treated us as if we were her only client. I felt so special with every conversation I had with her. Aside from Abby's kindness she was extremely helpful and even more organized than I! Abby's recommendations were nothing short of excellent. Her ability to bring my vision to life was outstanding. Having Abby with us through this Journey and most importantly, on the day of, was one of the best decisions we made while planning. I would highly recommend Abby to anyone who needs assistance during your entire planning process or even a few months out. Love, the Bechtels
-Casey, October 2017
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Abby and 13 Cedar Events. My wedding day was everything I dreamed of and more, and I couldn't have done it without Abby by my side. My mother and I bit off a bit more than we could chew with wedding planning. We had so many ideas and decorations, and were getting lost in the logistics of it all. Abby helped keep us organized and focused on aspects of planning that we wouldn't have even thought about otherwise. Without her guidance, I am sure my perfect day would have gone considerably differently. Abby's bubbly personality made her a breeze to work with. She is incredibly easy to talk to, and immediately makes you feel comfortable with putting one of the most important days of your life in her hands. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a wedding planner.
-Rhiannon, May 2017
I don't live in Charlotte, so helping my daughter with her wedding was done a lot over the phone and on a couple of visits. I met Abby while in town about 8 weeks before the wedding. From the minute I met her I felt so happy she had been chosen for the wedding coordinator. She is professional, yet personable, warm, friendly, capable, informed, helpful, intuitive and reliable. I know during the year when my daughter reached out for suggestions she was there for her with immediate responses; all of which were excellent recommendations. During the wedding day, her guidance was calm and easy going. She had everything under control. Several times I witnessed Abby bringing water to the bride along with her "tool box" of emergency needs. The day went beautifully and without incidence due in large part to her guidance and knowledge. She is worth every penny and more. We were all relaxed and enjoyed every minute of the day. It truly was the best day ever.
-Lori, October 2017
Abby is phenomenal. She is organized(!!!!!), prepared, punctual, fun, and all-around awesome!! We were referred to her by our close friends who also used 13 Cedar Events for their wedding coordination (whose wedding also came together beautifully!). Abby is second-to-none with communication and listening. Our wedding preparations were smooth and our wedding day proceeded without any hiccups thanks to Abby's help. She is a true professional and a joy to work with!!
-Jami, October 2016
Working with Abby was absolutely wonderful! She kept us focused and on schedule. Abby was always cheerful and polite, but always a professional. We would feel confident recommending her services to any of our friends!
-Bettye, May 2017
Abby was FABULOUS! I debated for a while about if i needed a planner, and after meeting with Abby I knew that she would be the perfect person to help our wedding day go smoothly. We chose her month-of package, and she was very clear as to what she would take care of and what we still needed to do, which I really appreciated. She was our best friend and confidant during that time and she took care of every little detail leading up to the wedding. I gave her the information she needed and showed up on my wedding day and everything was magically in place! On top of her great service, Abby is super bubbly and friendly, and definitely kept our opinions as the bride and groom first. Ten stars!    
-Katie, June 2016
Working with Abby is always an awesome experience!! She brings her A-game. Her fun energy and constant professionalism always show through. She manages vendors and the wedding party with ease, making our job super enjoyable!
-Stefanie, Charlotte Wedding Collective, April 2017
We at Mitutoyo America Corporation hosted a 2 day Ribbon Cutting & Grand Opening event. We selected 13 Cedar Events for planning and support. The professionalism that Abby brought to the event was right on key. The weeks and then days leading up to the event she communicated what we needed to make decisions on, and kept us up to date on the progress from her end. Any questions or concerns we had about the event she would respond quickly. We soon came to realize she had far more knowledge about event planning than we ever will and was very well organized. Right down to the client specific 3 ring binder with all the precise details. Which by the way, she always carried with her. Since she had an expert relationship with her vendors, you could tell she communicated with them as well as she did with us. During the event she would tell the vendors exactly what they needed to know, when they need to know it. The helped keep our event a stress free environment. 
The the best part about utilizing Abby and 13 Cedar Events was the fun we had and the pressure it took off our staff. Our staff was able to focus on the 250 guests, VIP visitors and local political representation while she took care of the details.
A special thanks to Abby and her vendors for their support and for just being…… GREAT People to work with.  
-Todd Himes, Regional Sales Manager - Mitutoyo America, June 2016 

When I became engaged over a year ago, I was convinced I wouldn’t need any help with the planning of my wedding. Being resourceful and organized, I figured I could find answers to any questions I had and be able to create the perfect day. I was fortunate to stumble upon Abby when she was in the early stages of creating her business, 13 Cedar Events, and thought it might be nice to have a resource when I needed help. Looking back, I know that our day would not have been perfect without the help of Abby.

It does not take long to notice Abby is patient, professional, experienced, and organized. Over the many months, she was my sounding board for the ideas and vision I had. She always provided ideas and solutions, keeping me grounded in my ultimate vision and priorities. Working with a do-it-yourself mentality and a strict and smaller budget, she helped provide insight on what to sacrifice or not, and when to let someone else do the work. At my best and at my worst, she helped me keep my sanity and humor. I never doubted that I was in the best of hands.

Despite my overwhelming urge to help on set-up leading up to the wedding, she had such a confident and calming attitude that I was able to leave everything in her hands. She worked with the bridal party and executed exactly what we had planned over the past year, even making some aspects better once providing finishing touches. This part of her service is priceless - allowing my husband and I to enjoy our wedding and be in the moment, not worrying about anything. She is well prepared and experienced and is ready to handle anything that could happen. 

Going through the wedding and the planning process, I know that ultimately maybe I could have pulled something off by myself. However, knowing all that Abby did and seeing our dream wedding executed so perfectly, I know we would not have been able to pull that all off and enjoy the day, creating all the memories that we will have forever. I will never be able to thank Abby enough for everything she did.

-Sabrina, September 2016