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You need Abby in your life! 

Abby is the ray of sunshine and organization that we honestly all need in our lives! She treated my husband and I like we have always been life long friends and we cannot thank her enough for making our wedding the most amazing day ever. She recommended the best vendors for our needs and budget and made sure that everything was taken care of and that we were both stress free. She is the easiest person to talk to and is very prompt when she responded to us. She also learned a dance for our wedding to do with us with her fanny pack and headset on. She’s so amazing and I will FROEVER recommend everyone to use Abby because you will not find a more fabulous person to help make your day so special and fun!

★★★★★ Chelsea, April 2019


Where do I begin?! ABBY IS THE BEST HUMAN ON THIS PLANET AND YOU NEED HER AS YOUR WEDDING PLANNER. If I could give 1000 stars I would! When my husband and I first got engaged, we realized very quickly that we had no idea what to do and where to begin to plan a wedding... BUT THANK GOD FOR ABBY! I truly don't think we would be able to have gotten married (or at least have the wedding that we did) if it weren't for her. Aside from her amazing, positive, and upbeat personality, she's extremely organized and on top of it! I could always count on her to respond to my last minute texts and all my lengthy emails in little-to-no-time at all! That is probably one of the biggest things that I appreciated about working with Abby, was how quick she was to respond and that I never had to wait for an answer! We even unexpectedly had to move across the country to Phoenix four months before our wedding and she would schedule later phone calls with us and made it seem effortless in communicating with us even though we couldn't have as many in-person meetings and a three hour time difference. When we first met with Abby, we told her what was important to us and what wasn't, and in everything that she did with (for) us, I could tell that she always put what WE wanted first. This meant the world to us and truly made us feel like we were going to have OUR perfect day (which we did). We also had a budget that was going to be difficult to keep to with the number of guests that we had, but she really helped us manage expenses and still have the best time ever! There were several times where we felt like we should start panicking or that we were behind in getting things done, and she would immediately call us and in typical Abby fashion, put our minds at ease and make us feel like all we had to do was show up... which is pretty much all that we did. On the actual day of the wedding, I was SO relaxed because I knew that everything had been done and that Abby was a superstar and she was going to make it happen. Every meeting or phone call that we had would always start with a "catch up session" which basically consisted of Abby asking all about us and always making us the center of attention (at all times). It was such a personal experience and I think that by the end of all of this she was not only our wedding planner, but my life coach and now good friend. I am certain that I would not have had this personal of a wedding planning experience with anyone else and I'm so thankful that I picked up her business card while shopping one day. I have already referred Abby to friends and one of my bridesmaids even said that she was going to use her no matter what when she gets engaged. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WORKING WITH ABBY - YOU WILL HAVE THE BEST WEDDING PLANNING EXPERIENCE EVER! Abby, I love you and miss you, and so does my dog.

★★★★★ Carly, June 2018


HIRE HER!! Abby is amazing. We hired her as our month-of coordinator and it was the best decision. 6-8 weeks out from the wedding she met with us and we went over all the small details like procession/recession, reception layout, timeline, etc. She also provided information like vendor tipping guideline, signage & stationary things to remember, etc. 2 weeks out from our wedding the transportation we arranged for all of our guests to and from the venue fell through. I called Abby and within a day she had a new contract to us. She turned something that could have been terrible into no big deal at all. The only thing we had to to was call Abby and the rest was taken care of. On our wedding day, Abby coordinated all the vendors and kept us on schedule. I didn't look at the clock all day! In the middle of our ceremony it started raining and immediately after we finished a huge storm came through - large branches fell, glasses broke, tables got knocked over, etc. Abby (and the Brawley Estate) kept things moving and on schedule. Our cocktail hour was moved inside and everything was picked up as soon as the storm passed so we could still enjoy the outdoors. I could go on and on with reasons to hire Abby. Do yourself a favor and use 13 Cedar Events!!

★★★★★ Charlotte, June 2018


We started working with Abby about a year out from our wedding, when I was starting to freak out about how much there was to do and had NO idea where to start. Abby was incredible from the first moment, reviewing contracts from vendors I had already signed and helping me figure out what our next steps should be. She recommended amazing vendors for everything from game rentals to linens to flowers to catering to to transportation to alterations, helped me navigate contracts, kept me on track with an insanely detailed to-do list, and followed up with regular phone calls, emails and in-person meetings (not to mention always responded promptly to my panicked emails or texts). The day of our wedding could not have gone more smoothly, and that's entirely because of Abby. We had multiple guests comment on how kind, warm and fun she was, while still making sure everyone (including guests, vendors and bride and groom) was in the right place at the right time. Working with Abby was hands down the best decision I made during wedding planning - I'm telling all my engaged friends to call her, and I HIGHLY recommend working with her if you are looking for a planner!

★★★★★ Abby, September 2018


Abby is an amazing person AND wedding planner. I've had the pleasure of photographing several events that she has planned and they were executed flawlessly. In my opinion as a wedding photographer, the planner can make or break the day for both the bride & groom AND the vendors...and Abby continues to amaze me with her constant professionalism and attention to every.single.detail. I can't wait to work with her again!

★★★★★ Amy, Sunshower Photography, August 2017


I'm so happy with my decision to include Abby as our wedding planner! We hired her during the beginning of our 16 month engagement. We soon realized we wouldn't be able to pull it off without her! She is organized, precise, and my biggest cheerleader when it came to planning. There wasn't a time during the process where she wasn't cheerful and positive. I truly felt like her only bride throughout the entire process! Despite my best intentions, I can be disorganized but she totally took that in stride. When it came down to the big day, I was totally relaxed and didn't have any reason to doubt that Abby had it all under control. Not only did I have a great time, but my parents never felt stressed either which was huge for me. She totally believed in my somewhat different vision and helped me bring it to life. I have encouraged my engaged friends to consider Abby for their weddings, and highly recommend her and 13Cedar events. Thank you SO MUCH Abby!!!

★★★★★ Anna Kate, October 2017


My husband and I are so happy that we decided to use Abby and 13 Cedar Events to plan our winter wedding. I am personally so detail oriented, so to work with a planner who pays such attention to detail was such a relief. Abby handled everything for us from start to finish (rentals, cake, getaway car, marriage license application, venue). You name it she covered it, and when anything unexpected arose she went above and beyond to resolve any conflicts without leaving me stressed out! (SUCH A BLESSING!) I really felt at ease with the whole process, I never had to worry about forgetting a single detail because we were always covered. Abby kept us in the know when vendor appointments were, when payments were do, what we needed for the day of, etc...  

The day of the wedding went without a hitch, which again, you can't begin to put a price on. I felt like a princess on my wedding day and had Abby's constant support and help, whether it be bustling my dress or keeping my drink filled. Thank you for making our day an absolute dream. Part of me wants to get married again just so I can have more planning dates, over a glass of champagne of course, with Abby!

★★★★★ Kelly, December 2018

Justis Wedding Collection-1168.jpg

Honestly, where do I even start? Abby is a gift from the wedding planning gods. I was hesitant about hiring a planner due to cost and me being someone who thinks I can do it all, but choosing Abby has been the BEST decision my fiance and I have made! She has treated us like family since day one. She has listened to every need, want, complaint, etc. with exceptional care. This girl GETS. IT. DONE. I have never once had to follow up with Abby as she has an answer for me before I even ask a question. She has taken such great care of my fiance and our families through this process and I could never adequately thank her. She is helping us make our dream wedding a reality with keeping us on budget and we just love, love, love her. If you are looking for a planner or even on the fence about hiring one, HIRE ABBY! You will 1000000000000000000% not regret it.

★★★★★ Kelsey, May 2019


Abby is the absolute best - hands down, no comparison, stop what you're doing and book her now! Seriously though, my now-husband and I were conflicted about whether to spend the money on a month-of planner, but after meeting Abby, I fell immediately in love and would have thrown every last penny at her. She was EXACTLY the kind of person I needed in my corner for the 6 weeks leading up to our wedding, and especially on the day itself. She was confident, caring and considerate, while also being able to give me a kick in the butt when I really needed it. You can tell she is passionate about her work and her clients and she truly does make you feel like you are the only (and most beautiful) bride in the world. I didn't have to worry about a single thing on my wedding day; she took care of everything so we could relax and have fun. If I could, I would carry her around in my pocket with me everywhere I went so she could advise me on my life. She's that good. We love you Abby! Thanks for the best day ever!

★★★★★ Rebecca, November 2018


I cannot say enough kind words about Abby! She was worth every penny and made our wedding day absolutely perfect! She worked with us from the day we met her to develop a vision for our big day and was practically available 24/7 for any questions/concerns/nerves. Even if you're organized and think you can do this yourself (like I thought I could), you will be 100 times better off with Abby by your side. She hooks you up with this amazing planning tool called Aisle Planner, which has everything you need in one place to stay organized. She sends you tasks to do as they are needed and keeps you on pace with planning and budget. She communicates with all your vendors over the last few months to get everyone on the same page so that you don't have to worry about it. And whenever my family was annoying me with questions, she's like "I got it! I'll email them". It was amazing! Day-of she was over-prepared with her fanny pack, microphone, schedule, and emergency kit. We could not have found a better planner if we tried! And she's also an AMAZING person who we plan to keep in touch with for a long time to come!

★★★★★ Kim, March 2018


Abby is a perfect person (prompt, kind, funny, organized, etc). She came recommended to us by Roots catering. We hired her as a day of coordinator and she made every go so smoothly - which I am sure was tough as we were at a brand new venue, our friend was officiating who had never done it before, and we had a newer DJ. We had so many compliments about how smoothly it went because Abby is a rockstar.

I am so thankful and appreciative of all the things she did and all the things I didn't know she did. With Abby it's not just the tasks she accomplishes but also how she makes you feel - relaxed, comfortable, and that your voice matters. She did so many little things to make sure we were able to pay attention to our big day the way we wanted to. I could go into lots of specific details about how amazing she was and how special she made it but I'm running out of characters and this reading like a love letter now :) Hire her - it'll be great.

★★★★★ Erin, July 2018

As an indecisive person, my wedding planning consisted of searching Pinterest wedding boards late into the evening, losing sleep, getting cranky, and not really making any real headway. Even after we decided on an outdoor, backyard style format in the Charlotte area, we had little direction or focus. I was overwhelmed and driving my husband-to-be mad.

From the moment we had our first conversation with Abby, we knew we were in great hands. Simply put, Abby Henderson is great at what she does, and she will help guide you through what can be an extremely stressful process with grace. While we knew that Abby had many other weddings that she was planning, you would never know it. She was always accessible when we needed something and made us feel like we were her only clients. Abby is also extremely thorough and detail oriented, and she has great recommendations and connections with vendors in the area. While Abby was wonderful to work in the months and days leading up to the wedding, she really came through for us in a big way on our wedding day. Abby helped us plan for and take care of every last detail so that we could enjoy our day with family and friends.

In the end, we could not be more thrilled with how things turned out. Abby listened to what we had to say and helped us to translate our vision for our wedding day in what turned out to be a true reflection of our personalities and love for each other. In addition to being amazing at her job, it doesn't hurt that Abby is also a lovely person. We are thrilled with our experience working with Abby, and we know that you will be, too.

★★★★★ Elizabeth, June 2017


Where to start....
I cannot imagine my wedding without having Abby alongside of us. Seriously. Initially when had not intended on hiring a wedding planner, but thankfully our venue required it and suggested Abby Henderson. We chose to to hire Abby for a month prior to the wedding, but we were pleasantly surprised to hear from her much sooner than that. Our first meeting was at a sweet little coffee shop and aside from her insanely professional, organized, neat and attentive appearance she was incredibly personable. We instantly felt comfortable and confident to move forward with her. I feel like Abby offered us so much more and my husband and I both agreed she was the most valuable piece of our wedding. One would easily say, this is what she was born to do. Not only does she handle everything with great smoothness, she handles business and makes sure you are not worrying about a damn thing. I am honored to have met this amazing woman and could not imagine anyone else with us during the best day of our lives! Pretty sure I would vote her to even deliver my child when it comes times, LOL! This is how much I trust and adore this woman! 13 Cedar Events, I owe you!

★★★★★ Courtney, September 2016

I don't live in Charlotte, so helping my daughter with her wedding was done a lot over the phone and on a couple of visits. I met Abby while in town about 8 weeks before the wedding. From the minute I met her I felt so happy she had been chosen for the wedding coordinator. She is professional, yet personable, warm, friendly, capable, informed, helpful, intuitive and reliable. I know during the year when my daughter reached out for suggestions she was there for her with immediate responses; all of which were excellent recommendations. During the wedding day, her guidance was calm and easy going. She had everything under control. Several times I witnessed Abby bringing water to the bride along with her "tool box" of emergency needs. The day went beautifully and without incidence due in large part to her guidance and knowledge. She is worth every penny and more. We were all relaxed and enjoyed every minute of the day. It truly was the best day ever.

★★★★★ Lori, October 2017