Wedding Toasts - Pro Tips

Toasts are a special moment at a reception as close friends or family speak words of adoration for the beloved newlyweds! We've heard good ones, and we've certainly sat through some lengthy ones. So here’s a few simple things to think about for toast-writing success for all you MOHs and BMs out there:

1. Keep it under 5 minutes (honestly 3 minutes is the magic time) - remember you are talking to the bride and groom, but also the rest of the guests. Keep it sweet and meaningful, but don’t lose your audience during a 15 minute detailed story about “this one time...”.

2. Start with a quick intro and a brief story about your relationship - how you met the bride/groom, things you love most about them, and their fabulous qualities!

3. Then bring it all together by showing how the amazing things you love about the bride/groom translate into how amazing you know the two of them will be together as a married couple!

4. And wrap it all up with a beautiful quote that speaks to the moment or a simple “cheers to the newlyweds!”

5. And ALWAYS write it down or at least jot down notes for yourself on an index card. Winging it is never recommended.