Top Five Exercise - A Must Do Before You Start Planning

As your planner it will be my honor to assist you in putting together this amazing celebration for you and your family and friends!!! So one of the first things I always do with my couples is the (drumroll please)......Top Five Exercise. This is a veeeeerrrry important exercise for you and your fiance to go through together to begin your planning process with ease and ensure that your big day is a reflection of your priorities as a couple!


Step 1: Grab a glass of wine (or beverage of choice), a pen, paper, and your fiance.

Step 2: Without distractions, make a list of all of the most important aspects of your wedding that you have dreamed of - the things that are must-haves, that will create the experience you want for your guests, and things the are non-negotiable for the two of you.

These things could be large, small, colorful, silly, or whatever!! Maybe you always wanted a large Motown band at your wedding, maybe your always wanted pancakes or Chick Fil A nuggets (me, over here!) at your wedding, maybe you want to get married at a historic home, or maybe you (or both of you) just want to wear hot pink shoes.... it can be anything!

Step 3: Now that you have this massive list, I want you to narrow it down to FIVE things. Just five. Agree on these five things. Know that these things are priority items, and we will ensure throughout our planning process that these five things will appear at your wedding.


Why is this so important? As the planning process goes along, you will find that you will constantly be bombarded by options, making planning feel a little overwhelming at times, not to mention friends and family making suggestions, traditional pressures, etc. BUT if we have this Top Five list handy, then we'll always have the ability to quickly choose needs vs. wants, knowing that your "needs" are already decided and will guide your decision-making process.