5 Things To Ask When Hiring a Floral Designer

The typical wedding will involve 10 separate vendors or more so it's important when interviewing these vendors that you know a few specific questions to ask going in. For the first installment of "Things To Ask When Hiring A Wedding Vendor," we take a look at Floral Design.

Hiring a professional floral designer for your wedding is ALWAYS the right way to go. A pro has experience with the dynamics of a wedding, the scope of the work, and can assist you in deciding what your floral style will be for your big day. So when interviewing a floral designer here are 5 quick things to ask them during your meeting:

1. Do you have a minimum budget that you work with for weddings?

This will determine right away if a floral designer can work within you floral budget. Be sure to know your floral budget before the meeting and discuss a realistic figure with your wedding planner, who knows how much wedding florals cost. The worst thing is seeing an AAHHH-mazing design, then finding out it's $5000 over your budget. 

2. Can you recommend various options for centerpieces in my price range?

A floral pro can help you find your style based on what you describe and recommend a variety of options that will work within you budget.

3. Do you have a portfolio of weddings you have done and what is your favorite wedding style? 

Some floral designers have a style they really enjoy working with and may have some great past examples that might fit your style too. This is also a great opportunity for them to tell you why they love their job and ensure you two are a great fit.

4. Are you familiar with my ceremony and reception sites? Will you do a site visit at the venue if necessary?

Different venues can be challenging from a loading and unloading standpoint, there may be requirements on where a floral team can stash their boxes, restrictions on where they can work, and so on. You want your floral designer to be comfortable working at your venue to avoid last minute set up challenges.

5. Do you provide delivery, setup, and tear down of the floral and décor you provided?

Hear this now: On your wedding day you, your bridesmaids, your mom, and your planner will not have time to be making centerpieces, setting up florals, building garlands, ensuring flowers haven't died, etc. Floral designers usually build delivery and set up into their price, but it's very important to ask if this is a part of their order minimum. Also, many times part of your florals will include items like vases or lanterns that belong to the designer and you want to be sure those items are returned properly.