5 Things To Ask When Hiring a DJ

The typical wedding will involve 10 separate vendors or more so it's important when interviewing these vendors that you know a few specific questions to ask going in. For the second installment of "Things To Ask When Hiring A Wedding Vendor," we take a look at hiring your DJ.

Hiring a professional DJ for your wedding is a great option for the couple who wants a pro to keep their crowd moving and grooving all night long! Having a DJ can also enable you to have a little more flexibility in your music selections. A DJ is able to not only curate a selection of music you will love based on your consultation, but will be able to also suggest and play tunes that fit your style. Here are a few things to ask when looking to hire a DJ:

1. What are your wedding packages and pricing including overtime rates? Some DJs offer a variety of packages, with set numbers of hours, sometimes include lighting, etc. A DJ can also offer packages that would cover the music for your ceremony and cocktail hour too. You'll need to keep your entertainment budget in mind and make sure to choose a package to fit into your wedding budget. In the event that your wedding is delayed or you decide you want to party and additional hour, then you'll need to know if your DJ is willing to extend their hours and what the fee is for that overtime.

2. Will you abide by “do not play” and “must play” lists that I give you? A pro DJ will meet with you and discuss your song preferences. If you have "must play" songs or songs picked out for certain timeline items like your first dance or cake cutting, then they will gladly assist you with this. Be clear about what type of music, or songs, you do not want played. For example, if there's a song you know for sure grandma would be offended by then be sure to let the DJ know. :) DJs also understand how to deal with guests who may happen to request a song that you put on your "do not play" list.

3. Will you act as the master of ceremonies and make announcements? A DJ is a great vendor partner for a wedding planner and can act as your master of ceremonies for the evening. Coordinating with your planner to cue things like the first dance, the cake cutting, and so on ensures that your family and guests don't miss those photo op moments during the event.

4. Do you require any special set up components such as a stage, table, extra power source, etc? Do you need a covered space, do you require meals, etc? Between lighting, speakers, mixers, laptops, cords, and more, a DJ set up can get quite large at times. It's important to note the additional things that the DJ will need in order to perform their services so that your planner and venue can be prepared to assist. 

5. Who will be the DJ for your wedding, what is their name, and how will they be dressed? There are many great DJ companies that have multiple DJs. If you are not able to meet directly with the DJ assigned to you, then be sure to get their contact info and details so you can reach out to them with questions if needed.